ICFE-11 Strasbourg 2023 | Authors Instructions

Authors Instructions


  • Download the abstract template by clicking here.
  • Upload your abstract in the “attachments” section. The abstract should not exceed one page. Submission without the abstract in the correct template will not be taken into account.
  • Make sure to fill in all the different sections.
  • In the “event information” section, please select your topic. The chosen topic must be consistent with the one mentioned in your abstract.
  • In the “author information” section, you can add as many authors as you need.
  • In the “presenter information” section, please enter the information of the presenting author only.
  • For the “keywords” section, choose among the ones proposed in the list (at the bottom of the page) of your chosen topic.
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Topics Keywords
Topic 1: Advanced coordination and organometallic chemistry
Unusual oxidation states, theoretical development, MOF, transactinide complexes.
Topic 2: Catalysis and reactivity
Catalysis, small molecule activation, polymerization, mechanistic studies.
Topic 3: Magnetism
Single-ion magnets, crystal-field splitting, f-radical coupling, d-f coupling.
Topic 4: Spectroscopy
X-ray, UV-Visible, luminescence, up and downconversion, sensitization mechanisms, nanothermometry, paramagnetic NMR.
Topic 5: Imaging, therapy and health
Molecular and nano-probes, luminescence, MRI, nuclear imaging, theranostics, PDT, RIT, bioimaging, in vivo imaging, assays.
Topic 6: Energy conversion, production and storage
Batteries, hydrogen, thermoelectricity, fuel cells, (photo)-electrolysis, PV, nuclear, phase change materials, supraconductivity, HT ceramics, organic light emitting diode, laser, organic electronics.
Topic 7: Ressources and sustainability
Extraction, separation, recycling, geology, resources, criticality, sustainability, recovery, environment.